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Harvesting is reflecting upon your life with a new focus

Just two years ago this month, I completed the final piece of Harvest the Bounty of Your Career—the opening “welcome.”  I recall vividly the deliciously cool and drizzly day and the intimations of fall’s transitional finery.  It would be another 10 months before I’d hold a printed copy of the book and, during that time, I returned to full from temporary three-quarter time at the University Libraries.  The journey that led to writing the book began in May 2005, and active development and writing commenced in August 2006.  During the two years of consistent writing and rewriting, I felt energized, inspired, and creative.  No surprise that I experienced some sense of ‘let down’ after the book was published and felt a bit overtaken by the increased demands of full-time work.

So, I understand completely if you feel both urged from within to enter into a harvesting period and reluctant to begin in your busy life anything that you feel concerned about finding time to do.  However, harvesting does not require lengthy or consistent chunks of time or a foreseeable conclusion.  Harvesting is a way of seeing and reflecting upon your life and world with a new focus.

Literally, to harvest is to gather, sort, and prepare.  Can you gather your own personal thoughts on the way to work in the morning or as you relax into sleep?  Perhaps you create an opportunity to walk or stroll most days, even if for only 10 minutes – what an ideal time to gather your thoughts.  If you view your past and current life from the perspective of your future, you may find many ways that you can sort your experiences, skills, talents, and longings into stepping stones towards new endeavors.  Just framing your present as a transition to some new season will prepare you to create change.  It can be that simple!

If you own a copy of Harvest the Bounty of Your Career and have yet to immerse yourself because you can’t seem to find the time, try taking some quick dips just to stimulate the harvesting mind set.  Open to the pages of art and let the colors and evocative images work their magic without even thinking about it.  Turn to a particular chapter that appeals to you and just enjoy the quotes.  If you’d like to more systematically dip into the book and experience some high points, click here to find a listing of brief readings and short sections to skim.  These will give you the essence of the book.

Give yourself permission to just get started with a ‘quick dip.’  This may be the first or a continuing round of your ongoing spiral through career/ life review and midlife transition. Enjoy the season!

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