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Filling Imagined Glass Ornaments with Appreciation

One of my favorite ways to transition into sleep at night is to savor the many gifts of my life.  I love to feel appreciation for my husband and daughter, my parents and extended family, my dog and my home, my neighborhood-city-state-continent-planet-moon, and, of course, my life work. Gifts of the current season are often included. At this time of year, I am enamored of tree branches starkly revealed and of the stalwart pine trees that grace the drab landscape with their ever green. Last night as my mind sang me to sleep with a litany of gratitude, each object of appreciation appeared within a clear glass orb hanging from a pine tree that I experienced with all my senses. I could smell tangy sap, feel prickly needles, hear sighing branches, taste inner oil, and see glistening globes suspended in deep green.

What a magical way to harvest and display for the mind’s eye the bounty of a life lived with appreciation.

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