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The Spiral of the Seasons: Welcoming the Gifts of Later Life

John G. Sullivan, 2009, Second Journey, Inc.
4 Wellesley Place, Chapel Hill, NC 27517, (919) 403-0432

John Sullivan is Philosopher in Residence at Second Journey.  The lovely little book is as poetic as it is practical.  Sullivan addresses:

  • Spring’s gifts of living in “beginner’s mind,”
  • Summer’s gifts of cultivating care for the community of all our kin,
  • Autumn’s gifts of releasing from all that hinders us still, and
  • Winter’s gifts of deep listening and alignment with more subtle currents already at work in our world.

I experienced this thoughtful and thought-provoking discourse as a journey parallel to my own exploration of the seasons of life in Harvest.

Endings. Beginnings… When Midlife Women Leave Home in Search of Authenticity, Ani Liggett, Ph. D., Lafayette, CO: BeMe Press, 2009.

From the set of “Guiding Questions” that preface the text of Endings. Beginnings to the concluding list of resources, Ani Liggett’s new book is consistently thought-provoking, inspirational, instructive, and pleasurable to read.  Just like the multidimensional nature of the journey to one’s true self and the quality of authenticity itself, this book is multifaceted to serve the reader on many levels.  Evocative quotes and stimulating exercises prompt active engagement with the book. There are the moving stories of other women travelers, which will affirm your own experiences on the journey.  The author does not shirk from sharing her own challenges and intimate excerpts from her journal of leaving home.  Balancing and deepening the personal stories, Dr. Liggett’s training, experience, and expansive knowledge make Endings. Beginnings a trove of insight and information.  The chapter on “Women’s Spirituality” positions the personal search for authenticity in larger historical and social contexts, while chapters on “Tools for the Descent” and “Tools for the Ascent” make the book eminently practical as a handbook for transformation now and a keepsake reference for future journeys.

Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle, 2002-2009.

The first in a series of Menstrual Health Education e-books co-authored by Women’s Health Educator Leslie Carol Botha, and researcher H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik.

“Cycles are the heartbeats of understanding” claims Tyler Volk in his book, Metapatterns. If you have ever wished for a deeper and more profound understanding of a woman’s life cycles, Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle will transport you from the narrow view of television commercials that promise “relief” from the conditions of menstruation to an expanded perspective that positions the menstrual cycle in its proper context as a natural, purposeful, and beneficial aspect of femininity.  Botha and Chevalier-Batik’s book is supportive, insightful, and wise as well as practical and useful— from the illuminating visual and explanation of the three phases of a woman’s monthly cycle, feminine persona, and the cycle of the moon to the practical chart, useful resource list, and informative glossary.  The understanding of, respect for, and alignment with the cycles of nature, life, and the human body is undoubtedly a key to experiencing harmony.  You can begin with this book.