Is your current career turning to an autumn?

If your answer is “yes” to one or more of the following questions, Harvest offers a solution!

1.  Are you bored with the same old routines at work?  (Are your branches yearning for new and different paths of growth?)

2.  Do you have other activities you wish to attend to or spend more time on?  (Are there new branches and leaves you would like to grow?)

3.  Have your professional efforts grown as far as they can in your current position?  (Is the forest encroaching on you in a way that inhibits your growth?)

4.   Do you look at work-related concerns with a “historical” perspective?  (Are you among the oldest trees in the forest?)

5.   Do you feel nudged at work by new or younger staff to adopt new strategies and technologies?  (Are fresh, pushy saplings crowding your space?)

6.   Do you wonder why it all matters so much to some people?  Why they are willing to fight for their position or every little bit of work territory?  (Do you wish the noisy nesting creatures would find another tree?)

7.   Can you “let go” of issues more readily?  (Do you shed old leaves and useless branches with ease?)

8.   Are you delegating more?  Reluctant to take on new long-term projects?  (Are you less concerned about how other trees grow or what the forest becomes?)

9.   Do you like being alone more than attending meetings?  (Would you rather stare at your own roots than interact with other trees?)

10.  Are you more interested in comfort than style?  (Are you willing to grow in your own directions and not worry about the usual growth patterns of trees?)

11.  Are you finding Being more pleasurable than Doing?  (Would you rather just experience the feel of sun or rain on your branches than imagine you can control the elements?)

12.  Are people asking if you are leaving or when you will retire?  (Are the loggers looking at you as a potential candidate for cutting and thinning of the forest?)

If your answer was “yes” to any one or more of these questions, Harvest offers a solution!

From: Harvest the Bounty of Your Career Deborah F Windrum, Boulder, CO: AxiomAction, 2009, (17-18).