Support for Your Harvesting

Here you will find new thoughts, ideas, and resources for blending your harvesting process easily into your busy life. Harvesting does not require lengthy or consistent chunks of time or a foreseeable conclusion. Harvesting is a way of seeing and reflecting upon your life and world with a new focus.

When you don’t have time for a full immersion in the images and imagery of Harvest the Bounty of Your Career, give yourself permission to get started with a ‘quick dip.’ This page lists key sections in the book that you can go to quickly to get a little wet without taking the time for full immersion.  Another easy and relaxing way to get going is to simply leaf through the pages to see what catches your eye.  You can pause to read more now or mark pages to come back to later.

At New Thoughts, I’ll share some of my own ongoing thinking about harvesting, which has become a way of midlife for me.  I’ll add longer, more developed thoughts/ideas to my blog.

I continue to find wonderful new books, articles, websites, etc. relevant to harvesting.  I’ll describe some favorites that I think you’ll appreciate as well in More Resources.