Reader’s respond…

An inspirational, reflective, and practical resource, reminding us in tangible ways that at any stage or season of our life, we can harvest and integrate our experience…. allows us to review what we yet wish to cultivate or want to seed for future seasons of growth or incubate in order for new cycles of interest to emerge.  Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., cultural anthropologist, author of The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom

Deb Windrum’s beautiful book helps you pause, reflect, and discover your evolving inner wisdom–a compassionate guide for anyone entering a new season in life.  Diane Dreher, best-selling author of Your Personal Renaissance, Inner Gardening, The Dao of Womanhood, The Dao of Inner Peace, and The Dao of Personal Leadership and Professor of English/Research Associate, Spirituality and Health Institute, Santa Clara University.

… for women who find themselves in the autumn of their life and the latter stages of a career…. an inspiring journey offering profound wisdom about the natural cycles of the seasons of women’s lives. The book offers insightful metaphors and guidance for reaping the fruits of one’s career while gracefully transitioning into the next phase of life.  Leslie Botha, Women’s Health Educator, Radio Talk Show Host and Internationally Recognized Expert on Women’s Hormone Cycles

Deborah Windrum has written a lovely book to help women identify and claim the fruits of their career. Whether retiring, rebooting after a job loss, or changing career direction, there is wisdom and guidance for every woman in Harvest the Bounty of Your Career.  Using the metaphors of tree, branches, fruit, and the spiral—Harvest the Bounty of Your Career guides readers to more mindfully harvest both inner and outer life experiences. I especially like the way Deborah reframes the out-dated model of a woman’s life cycle to acknowledge an enormous cultural shift—that women in the second half of life are today’s pioneers. The artwork and meaningful quotes inspire and deepen the work of harvesting. Ani Liggett, Ph.D., Psychologist & Author of Endings. Beginnings… When Midlife Women Leave Home in Search of Authenticity

This is not a book to read; it is a book to deeply contemplate.  It is an aid for engaging in a deep, personal process about what has shaped one’s career and how one can consciously move into the next stage.  Basing her career exploration on the tree metaphor, author Deborah Windrum has created a book that is decidedly nonlinear. Several processes are stimulated simultaneously, using visual journaling, narrative journaling, imagery, and reflection.  Readers are encouraged to examine elements often neglected, such as how they receive nourishment from their work and how they “do” completion. Ideal for women in the autumn of life who are willing to let the questions, images, and quotations in this book seep into them, trusting that new growth will emerge. Jasmin Lee Cori, MS, LPC, psychotherapist and author of 5 books, including The Emotionally Absent Mother: a Guide to Self Healing and Getting the Love You Missed, 2010

I love your book, it’s so full of wisdom and joy.  Julie Carmen, Longmont, CO

“In my initial skim through the pages, I found both beautiful artwork and inspirational words. I know I will enjoy reading and using your book as I move into this new chapter of my life.” Retiring academic librarian, CO

I finally got a bit of time to read your stupendous book. NO, read is not the right word—LIVE would be much better. I looove everything about it. Your style, your choice of words, your thoughtfulness in letting everyone choose how to interpret it and do the work for themselves. It is beautiful, inspirational and poetic. I have always loved all of nature and especially trees, but I will never again view a tree the same. Your introduction was so warm and friendly, it made me want to have tea with you. Every page makes me smile.      my Aunt Carol, Mission Viejo, CA