What IS a “career”?

In Harvest, the word “career” is broadly to describe employment, or any endeavor you consider focused and informing work, that requires at least some college education and/or advanced training; includes some degree of responsibility beyond fulfillment of specific, assigned tasks; and involves some level of professional development.

To me, a professional is one who manifests respect for herself and her work, feels pride in performance, and holds a view of the job or organization larger than her own duties.  In my mind, “professionalism” is less about qualifications and more about qualities and attitude.

For many women, a profession or career may mean much more than a livelihood and may be experienced as a “calling.” Or you may be a homemaker or caretaker, self-employed in the home or as a consultant, a job-changer, or holder of any number of “non-traditional” designations or occupations that have shaped your life and manifested as a “career” for your intents and purposes.

The concept of a “career,” then, is what you make it!