Book & Art

The Book

Harvest the Bounty of Your Career is an inspiring guide for exploring what has been gained from work in the first half of life in order to deliberately create a fulfilling second half of life. Entering into the central metaphor, you will:

  • consider the nature and meaning of trees and carry that meaning over to your life work or career.
  • look at how the roots of a tree function as its foundation and then explore the foundation or roots of your career.
  • consider the branches of a tree as a metaphor for how you have extended yourself professionally through relationships.
  • transfer the meaning of fruit to the value of professional accomplishments or legacies in your life.
  • imagine the planting of seeds as both culmination and new beginnings.
  • and, finally, gather together all of these experiences into your own harvest.

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The sensibilities of the tree metaphor are exquisitely translated into the design of the book by fine artist/graphic designer Michele Renée Ledoux. The 7” x 8” format imparts a personal and intimate feel. The size and cover art combined are an invitation to pick up and hold the book, and perhaps savor it beneath a tree. The inspirational art and quotations woven throughout the text are not only integral to the content and experience of the book, but they also transform the physical artifact into a keepsake to be personally enjoyed and appreciated as well as gifted to friends.

Harvest is not formulaic, prescriptive, or a set of ordered steps, and it is much more than text for passive reading. Harvest offers options for personalized engagement through a variety of intrapersonal experiences. The questions and experiences stimulate reflection, remembering, dreaming, and imagining in order to discover your own answers from within.You may choose traditional journaling exercises and/or other kinds of activities, including the visual representation of thoughts and ideas. Interpersonal activities are also suggested, as well as detailed outlines for experiencing Harvest in small group settings. The text, activities, and artwork can each stand alone, thus appealing equally to those who prefer to just read, those who prefer active engagement without extensive reading, as well as to those who prefer to be visually stimulated by the artwork.Harvest the Bounty of Your Career is as useful for a working individual just beginning to wonder what might be next in her life, as for the person close to retirement or already retired. Harvest is not only for Boomer career women; it is relevant for career change, midlife, the second half of life, retiring, aging, conscious life stage transitioning, personal growth, inner work and reflection, journaling, creativity, women’s groups, a woman’s developmental cycle, and women’s spirituality. The central tree metaphor also appeals to those who feel a deep appreciation for trees, gardens, and nature, which is called forth by the earthy and evocative art.


Purchase Harvest direct from Axiom Action (our publishing company)

The Art

Michele Renée Ledoux artist statement for the “alchemy of align” body of work featured in Harvest:

“It [Alchemy] is about penetrating to the Soul of the World, and discovering the treasure that has been reserved for you.” — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

“[A]lchemy of align” is a uniquely organic collection of work that focuses on the common thread that connects us all. Weaving together several innovative techniques including printmaking, painting, drawing, and photography, each image intends to provoke the viewer to rediscover the profound nature of alchemy—the transmutation of the mundane into magic.

Magic. It’s all around us. It’s in us. It is us. It requires no rational explanation. It ignites our innate ability to transform our life experiences into pure joy. It is our “gold.” And, as such, we need not be in search of a universal elixir. We are the elixir. We are the line… the line that connects us to our eternal source. And, if we simply allow, the line will take us anywhere we want to go.

“You can’t hide anything in a line. You are there whatever line you draw. And you will stay there, even when you go somewhere else. If your personality is interesting enough, the line will be interesting. To do this, you have to be fearless.” — Kazuaki Tanahashi, Brush Mind

There are no mistakes. There are only gifts.