What is “Seasonal Attunement”?

“Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it,” as Charles Dudley Warner said and Mark Twain more famously quoted. Seasonal Attunement is a practice for your inner. Spirit self to DO something about your relationship to the natural world, including the weather and the seasons that it signifies.

One of the most direct ways to align with the wisdom of the soul is to align with nature. Even when an urban environment or busy schedule minimizes the amount of time we are able to spend ‘in nature,’ the distinctive qualities and energies of each season offer a direct connection to natural cycles.

Seasonal Attunement is the choice and act of aligning or balancing one’s own feelings and mood with the pervasive sensibilities of the season and/or weather. It is an immersion in the ambiance of a season in order to recalibrate and embrace or honor the gifts. It is a dance of releasing resistance and working with the felt sensations to be in alignment or at counterpoise.