Are you planting dreams of life after full-time employment? What fruits will you reap?

Although the Boomer generation started turning 65 in January, most of us are still in our fifties and early sixties and contemplating our age of retirement. It’s a big step—like graduating from high school and college, landing the first job, getting promoted, or making a career change. How did you create each of those turning points? What resources—internal or external—did you draw upon to move through and beyond each of those transitions and any others that come to mind?

After considering how you have addressed past transitions, allow your imagination to turn towards the future. What do you anticipate as your next life transition? What did you learn in the past that will support you now? What resources are available to you? What inner resources are you likely to exercise?

The option to “retire” or otherwise change your employment status in the foreseeable future, may provide the opportunity now—perhaps for the first time in your life—to make choices based on your own innermost promptings rather than on socially imposed or unconsciously internalized motivators, no matter how “honorable” they may have once felt.  Often, in our attempts to fulfill outer expectations and social values, we neglect our own deepest urges and heart-felt desires.

Calling forth our inner resources empowers us to reclaim the strength and vision of our heart. Do upcoming options and opportunities stir a sense of freedom and possibility?  Are you ready to pursue some long-awaited vocation, travel, offer service to others, or rouse some latent passion? Will you create a second, even better, half of life or a second chance at life?  Only your heart knows what fruits to reap in your next stage of life…


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