Aging’s Bounty

Why do we “practice”? We practice to get better at something—a musical instrument, a sport, any skill. This is practice to acquire mastery of something. There is also the practice that one integrates into life, such as meditation or yoga, not just to do, but also in order to BE masterful in your life.

It occurs to me that aging can be viewed as a practice for a masterful way of being in life.

So, how will you/do you practice aging in your life?

By making yourself your priority?
Interacting with your family?
Caring for others?
Working at a job?
Advancing a profession?
By retiring?
As a facilitator or leader?
As an activist?
As a volunteer?
As an artist or writer?
As a speaker?
As a thought leader?
Following your passion?
Saving the world?
Savoring the world?
As part of a community?
Being cared for?
In service to others?
By resisting, fearing, worrying?
By embracing, enjoying, appreciating?
By accepting death?

To my mind, aging is not about staying young or getting younger.  It’s not about youthfulness— it’s about ‘agefulness.’ Authentic aging is about fulfilling life’s cycles and seasons. Authentic aging is a fresh ‘maturity.’ Not a maturity that is staid, boring, narrow. Rather a maturity that is expansive, creative, embracing, accepting—aging’s bounty.

However you choose to practice aging, you have the advantages of your youth and adulthood—the background, experiences, training, skills, knowledge, and, yes, wisdom. All available for you to harvest and give.

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