Harvesting Your Bounty

If you are looking to make the next season of your life the best season of life, and to offer the fruits of all you have cultivated, Harvest the Bounty of Your Career will support your transition from work—or any endeavor—to a next career or stage of life. Any sustained, focused occupation from homemaking to a profession to an avocation may comprise your “career.”

Are you are asking yourself questions like these?
  • What is the next stage of my life?
  • Will it include my current occupation or some other form
    of 'work'?
  • What talents and skills would I like to deepen or develop?
  • What are the legacies of my life so far?
  • What value have I yet to offer?
Deborah F Windrum’s beautiful book offers a unique, engaging approach to life review and transition for effective "coming of next age."

About the Book and Art

Harvest is about finding your own answers from within. Journey through the imagery of a tree metaphor and the progression of fine art images that it evoked. The structure of the book captures the rhythms of the breath and the seasons of the soul. You will enter into your own rhythm of transcendent growth with evocative and generative questions in order to take stock of your inner bounty and consider a cornucopia of choices for creating a conscious, relevant, and personally satisfying next season of life.
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Support for Your Harvesting

Here you will find new thoughts, ideas, and resources for blending your harvesting process easily into your busy life. Harvesting does not require lengthy or consistent chunks of time or a foreseeable conclusion. Harvesting is a way of seeing and reflecting upon your life and world with a new focus. Literally, to harvest is to gather, sort, and prepare. Harvesting is about:
Gathering your inner thoughts;
Sorting your experiences, skills, talents, and longings in the context of an emerging future;
Preparing to create change by framing your life as transition to some new season.

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